Stock Screener

Keyword-based stock screener for publicly traded U.S. stocks. Text search for a group of stocks or a company ticker. A concise list of stocks are returned.


The future of investment research is here!

Stock Market Student offers the only keyword-based / topic-based stock screener.  Simply enter the type of stocks you are looking for, hit <ENTER> and the stock screener will interpret the text and return a concise list of stocks that best matches the text. For example, type in "Internet of Things" and see what happens! 

Note:  This stock screener is a beta release and is constantly being improved. Please provide feedback, either good or bad (hopefully constructive), using the contact link found at the bottom of the page.  Thank you!

Help (Instructions for use) 


Stock Screener Overview

By providing the features of a search engine this stock screener makes the process of finding the stocks you are looking for dead simple. It works jusk like Google. Just type into the search box what you are looking for and the stock screener will try to find and list out the applicable stocks. However, unlike Google or Yahoo Finance, this search engine/stock screener won't provide low quality or duplicate references. This is because keywords are matched to curated groups of stocks.


Not unlike Google and other search engines, keywords form the basis of stock screener search queries. Each keyword can be one or more words and each keyword is separated by an operator.


Boolean OR: The boolean OR operator is represented by the plus (+) sign. You can also simply use the word or. As an example you could retrieve all defensive sectors by entering:


You could also enter the following:

  staples or healthcare or utilities

Boolean AND: The boolean AND operator is represented by the ampersand (&) symbol. For example, you could retrieve all consumer services stocks by entering:


You could also enter the following:

  consumer and service


In some cases you may wish to enclose a keyword in quotes so that the search engine won't interpret an ampersand as a Boolean AND. If you type in Oil & Gas you will get very few results as the search engine will interpret the text as Oil AND Gas, whereas what you really meant was Oil OR Gas. The workaround is to enclose the keyword in quotes (i.e. "Oil & Gas", telling the search engine to treat everything inside the quotes as text.

Order of Precedence

The search engine/stock screener does not use the normal boolean order of precedence. The OR operator has higher precedence than the AND operator. In other words if the equation A+B&C+D&E+F is entered then the OR operations (A+B, C+D, and E+F) will be evaluated first, followed by the & operations. You will find this system works very well once you get used to it.


Unfortunately brackets and operation nesting are not currently supported.

Stock Tickers

You can find stocks by entering their ticker symbols. To best isolate tickers from descriptive text, please use a dollar sign ($) in front of the ticker. For example, the following search will find Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google:


Searching for Specific Companies

Type in the name of the company as best you can remember. For example, type in "AGILE". Three stocks will be displayed as the company name could not be completely resolved.