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How to Copy an ETF Ranking System into a Stock Ranking System

There are occasions when an ETF ranking system, or parts thereof, may be useful in a stock ranking system. But when the ranking system has a lot of nodes with complex formulas, it becomes quite a chore to copy/paste every formula and ensure that the direction (higher/lower) of the node is set correctly. There is actually an easy way to do the copying, all you need is a PC and text editor such as notepad.

Stock market analysis tools provided by Portfolio123.

This tutorial uses the Portfolio123 standard ranking system "Risk-Reward - Aggressive". The procedure requires switching back and forth between two windows, one with Portfolio123 open, and the other with Notepad, or other text editor open. Start by signing in to Portfolio123, if not already done.  Open Notepad in a second window.

Fromvthe main Portfolio123 menu, select Ranking Systems from the TOOLS pull-down as shown below.

Selecting an ETF ranking system from the main Portfolio123 menu

Then select Risk-Reward - Aggressive from the ETF Ranking Systems folder. The folders are displayed on the left side of the window.

Selecting the Portfolio123 ranking system: Risk-Reward - Aggressive

The ranking system ranking system is now visible. The text version of the ranking system will be accessed and copied (instead of trying to copy individual nodes or formulas within nodes). To initiate this activity, click on text editor as shown below.

Selecting the ranking system text editor mode

Within the text editor field, the entire ranking system in text form is viewable and editable.

The ranking system displayed as text

Don't try to edit this ranking system. Instead, copy the text in its entirety into the clipboard, then paste the clipboard into Notepad. Once the text has been copied then cancel the ranking system text edit as shown.

Cancelling the text edit

Go back to Notepad and replace all occurrences of ETFFormula with StockFormula.

Convert all occurrences of ETFFormula to StockFormula using notepad

Inspect the resulting text to verify that all occurrences of ETFFormula have been replaced by StockFormula.

Now go back to Portfolio123 and create a Stock Ranking System as shown below. This new ranking system will be the destination for the copied ranking system.

Create a new stock ranking system in Portfolio123

Give the ranking system a name and save it.

Name the ranking system then save it.

Click on text editor to open up the text box and delete the existing text <RankingSystem RankType="Higher"> </RankingSystem>.

Open the text editor for the new stock ranking system

Delete the existing text in the text box for the new ranking system in Portfolio123

Now return to Notepad and block select (or Select All) the modified ranking system and copy it into the clipboard as shown below.

Copy the entire modified Risk-Reward - Aggressive ranking system from Notepad to the clipboard

Return to Portfolio123 and paste the clipboard as plain text into the text field.

Paste the clipboard into the ranking system text box in Portfolio123

Click on Save as shown below.

Save the stock ranking system

Now the entire ranking system can be seen, but it is a stock ranking system instead of an ETF ranking system.

The stock version of the RIsk-Reward -Aggressive ranking system is now available.

There you have it. The procedure seems long and complicated, but it is actually quite easy, easier to do than to explain.