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It's Time To Take Precautions, Not Sleeping Pills

How is the economy really doing? Is the stock market overextended? Should I be hedging my positions? These are questions that are difficult to answer at the best of times. And the situation is only made worse by what our leaders say and do. Whether it be politicians or Federal Reserve board members, they all have their own agenda, and it isn't to put money in your pocket. And government-generated statistics… Well what can I say. They are designed for maximum political exploitation.

Take the unemployment rate for example. Does anyone seriously believe that the unemployment rate is really 4.7%? How can there be full employment at a time when food stamp usage is far higher than pre-recession levels?

The cost of living/inflation statistics can't be trusted either. Why? The simple truth is that government workers' benefits, retirees and recipients of Social Security benefits are tied to the cost-of-living. If the cost of living were to rise too fast, then government(s) would be on the hook for paying much higher wages and benefits.

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by Steve Auger