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Hurricane-Strength Tailwinds Traverse Pakistan

Pakistan has been making progress in the areas of security, politics, and economics over the past few years. The first democratic transition from one elected government to another occurred in 2013, with the Pakistan Muslim League-N of Nawaz Sharif forming the government, based on a platform of private sector-led economic growth. The country has since struggled through three tough years aided by low energy prices and government reforms, with the end result being a more stable economy and a bright outlook, more than can be said for many other countries.

Less poverty and increasing middle class

Pakistan has made substantial progress in reducing poverty since the turn of the century, declining from 64.3% percent in 2001 to 29.5% percent in 2014. 38% of all households are now considered to be middle-class, while another 4% are upper class.

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by Steve Auger