I have been away for a few days.  I came back to find things hadn't changed much and my account eroding slightly.  I missed a great opportunity to unload Solar City (SCTY) on Monday as the price rose above $39, whereas it is now sitting around $34.  Unfortunately I was traveling on Monday and missed the opportunity.

So today was a pretty good day all around.  I unloaded my covered call position in MYGN when it was up more than 10%.  MYGN ended up down 5% so my strategy of "take it and run" is starting to work.

WLT (coal mining company) rose almost 5% today, a much needed boost for my trading account.  (How can 11 insiders buying shares all be wrong??).  All my other positions were up except for SCTY.  I missed another opportunity to reposition on this stock today as it was up over 4% at one point in time before closing down. 

My confidence in the stock market is improving.  I think the downturn is over and we can move forward now.  (This is your cue to run for the hills if you are smart :)


AuthorSteve Auger